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Vuly Leveller - Suitable for all Vuly Trampolines. Available with Trampoline purchase only


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The Vuly leveller is perfect for backyards that don't have a flat area to erect your Trampoline. Simply attach the leveller to the base of your Trampoline, and then wind till the side of the Trampoline is lifted to the height required. 

The Leveller legs are as safe and secure as the legs of your Vuly Trampoline, so you can feel comfortable that there's no chance of tipping over.

Each Vuly Leveller set purchased comes with 2 Levellers. You will need 1 Leveller for each trampoline leg that needs to be raised off the ground. Depending on the amount of uneven ground, you may need to purchase more than 1 Leveller set.

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