Educational Gift Ideas for Children

Children, especially those in the age 2-5 are likely to get excited about playing and learning new things. Supporting or encouraging early learning for children goes a long way in helping to prepare themselves better for school and related self-development. So, if you’re trying to get a gift for children that can help them or even encourage them to learn from, we have few ideas that can help you. 

A building set 

A building set is a creative gift idea for children to test their imaginative and creative skills. There are building sets that are specifically designed for each age group. So, make sure to check on the age category while choosing one. Usually higher the age, the higher the challenge or difficulty with the building set. 

Nowadays you also have different variations of building sets, like the ones that come with a printed picture, where once the blocks are built in the right way it will form the entire picture. Such building sets can be ideal if you want a more creative twist to the classic building sets available. 

Crayons and Colouring books 

This is another gift idea that can enhance the creative skills of a child, especially if they love scribbling all over the house walls. Colouring is a great way where children learn, self-confidence through their work of art. 

Jumbo crayons are a good choice as they give extra grip and are hard not to break easily. This will also allow them to choose colours wisely. On the other hand, when considering colouring books, choose colouring books depending on the age and interests. Some colouring books will have mentioned the age groups it’s most suitable for. 

If a child is still small opt for colouring books that have thick lines and more plain pictures with little details. Heavy details on pictures make it difficult for children, especially those in the age of 2-3 to colour. Talking about interest, try to choose colouring books that’ll match the interest of a child. For example, if a child loves Disney movies, try to get a Disney movie-themed colouring book.

A board game to play with the family 

There are plenty of board games that teach a lot about problem-solving, critical thinking, and even analysing situations. These skills learned through board games make it easy for them to blend with early school lessons. If you want to make your purchase easy, there are many educational toys online Australia offers. They also have a good selection of early learning board games to choose from.

However, the best concept about board games is that they are mostly played as a group. This gives children the ability to learn about teams, working together with another, dealing with problems, solving doubts together, and even teach them about the win-lose concepts in a game.

Why not, while gifting a board game, you can even go ahead and play or even teach how to play. This will make the gift more memorable and fun for them.

While these are some best gift ideas, we can think of to help children learn from them, make sure you match these ideas with your child’s interest. For example, if a baby girl likes to watch or help you around the kitchen, then get her a kitchen set. This can help them learn or mimic you while you cook and learn new skills along with you.

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