How Do You Prepare Your Child For Pre-School?

Starting your child at pre-school is a major milestone that both you and your partner may look forward to. Parents always stress thinking about this day. While they are excited for their children to start a new phase in their life, where they would not only undergo mental development but also have fun and engage with other children of their own age, but at the same time parents may feel like their little one is all grown up and may not need them as they used to, which could be hard for some parents to deal with.

However, as all parents want the best for their children and as pre-school is proven to provide children with better performance at school, parents are eager for their children to start it at the proper time and at the best pre-school they could find.

Find A School That Offers Many Fun Activities

The pre-school to which your child goes to will also have a major impact on your child’s transition. It should have a staff of teachers who are trained to take care of children at such a young age. They must be able to become friendly with them and help them overcome their problems.

A child-friendly, colourfully decorated classroom with fun activities like dancing, singing, playground activities and games will ensure that the child has a good time and help them overcome the separation anxiety from their parents. Therefore it is very important that parents find a good licensed pre-school with a good reputation like those found at geelong.

The start of pre-school is an important milestone in the life of all children and it must be dealt by parents in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, the pre-school that they have chosen for their children can also have a major impact to make this a healthy transition for the child.

Help Them Get Over Their Separation Anxiety

Children will always feel some anxiety when parents leave them alone at pre-school as they are not used to staying away from them. You must anticipate this emotion which may be expressed by complaints of fake physical ailments, tantrums, and being overly attached. This must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Scolding and being stern with the child may make them feel like they are unloved. Instead, they must be spoken to in a gentle manner and explained about it.

They must be allowed to voice their concerns and taught to express their emotions using words. They should be made to feel like they are heard. They must be repeatedly reassured that they will be received at home by their parents after a certain duration of time. A star chart can be maintained where every time they go to pre-school, they are given a star and when they collect 5 stars, they are rewarded with a toy or their favourite food.

The child must also be helped in getting familiarized with the new environment. On the first few days of pre-school the parents must be allowed to spend some time with their children and as they get familiar with the teachers and new friends, they may get over their separation anxiety. They could also be allowed to take their favourite toy from home to school so they feel more relaxed.

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