Sneaking in Vegetables and Fruits to Your Child’s Diet

The scene of a mother force feeding her child vegetables while they try their very best to avoid having to eat it, is familiar to us all. Most kids and even a surprising number of adults still dislike eating vegetables. Our mothers were not kidding when they told us how important fruits and vegetables are needed for our health.

They offer a plethora of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals required for our bodies. New food trends have led people back to combining more vegetables into their diets. While on the contrary to that many still consume unhealthy amounts of fast food that are oily, processed and contain too much starch. In this article we go back to basics showing you how easy dishes vegetables and fruits can be incorporated.


An egg can be made in a variety of methods. Everyone has a certain way they like their eggs. If you are someone who particularly likes omelettes, throwing in some tomatoes and herbs is an excellent and tasty way to add more flavour to your meal. Oats are high in fibre, but many dislikes the way it tastes.

A tried and tested method is to combine oats with an egg. Roast a handful of oats in a low heat pan and add them to your omelette or scrambled egg. Both ingredients mix not once giving away the bland taste of oats. This is a nutritious meal consisting of fibres and protein.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies

Some days require an early start. If you do not have time to prepare a healthy breakfast or even just a breakfast this is your easiest alternative. Blend fruit and add green superfoods powder, a supplement enriched with 21 vegetables and other vitamins. It provides your body with all the nourishment it needs in the quickest, tastiest and easiest way possible.


The word pizza always paints the picture of food that is so tasty but not necessarily healthy. However even this Italian dish can be made more nutritious. A thin pizza crust combined with olives, onions and bell peppers along with the meat add flavour and taste. Top it off with olive oil and fresh basil leaves.

Fruit salads

Cut up some mangoes, apples, papayas and pineapples. A refreshing dessert or starter is the simple fruit salad. Leftover fruits just need to be diced up with a dash of salt and sugar with a scoop of ice cream. Or if it’s a cold day slice those rotting bananas into a batter, fry them in vegetable oil and voila banana fritters.

Caesar salads

Gone are the days of bland leafy green salads. The combinations for a salad are endless. Grapes, avocadoes, onions and lettuce are worthy components of a tasty salad. Add cubes of feta cheese and a dash of lime to finish off.

The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Vegetables and fruits are versatile foods that only need a little flavour and variation to cook into a healthy meal.

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