What You Should Give Your Child

Your child means the world to you. You always try to give them whatever they ask just to see them smiling and happy. In a way, this does not sound exactly wrong, but let me ask you a question. Have you ever regretted something you bought for your kid?

Yes, you definitely may have. Sometimes, it could be that a gift you bought a few days back, is collecting dust inside a closet or somewhere else. You may have spent a fortune on it but your kid doesn’t understand the value of money.  So, let me introduce you a few things that you should think about.


It is not that you’re not giving it already, of course you love them more than words can explain. What I meant was, do something special that you think your kid will find special, something that will give him a sense of value. Like for example how to be sympathetic, compassionate and empathetic.

Maybe it could even be through playing with him a game that he loves, or in fact it could be anything that he loves.


This is something that is reducing at a very fast rate today. Right from their small ages, kids are not taught to imagine what they like. They are forced to think in an enclosed circle. Imagination soothes the soul and animates the spirit. So, don’t you think that your kid should be able to explore the universe, yeah, imagination makes this possible.

Activities that help kids to think or imagine are some of the best games that you can do with them. Craft boxes for kids are also a great way to improve the creative mind of your kids.


Psychologists say, resilience or the ability to cope up with adversity and stress full situations starts from a person’s childhood. Someone not adapted to be resilient against the forces around our environment is going to go down sometime soon or later.

Support from parents and specially their love, helps kids to evade adversity, these skills developed will then continue to guide them in their lifetime. You may have already given your kid building blocks to play with, that is very good, but don’t simply leave it all to themselves. Try your best to play with them at least a few minutes a day.


This is one more very important thing that you should not miss giving your kids. Encouraging and giving positive remarks to your kids will help them to succeed in their future. It has been experimentally proved, so don’t forget to encourage them in what they do.

Whether you be his mother or whether you be his father you always want to give them the very best. But other than giving them toys and gadgets that in no time start collecting dust, why don’t you start think of these meaningful gifts. I am sure these are going to benefits your kid not just in his childhood, but even after he has grown into an adult, these gifts are going to guide him.

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